Lifting equipment

Design and manufacture of equipment for lifting and moving goods, special equipment according to Customer drawings

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We manufacture lifting equipment individually for each customer, while it complies with all applicable technical requirements, standards and regulations
Transfer trolleys
Lifting cranes
Cargo capture
Equipment according to drawings
Работа на заводе им. Ф.А.Блинова

The F.A. Blinov Factory

Preserving the spirit of creativity, we observe the requirements of reason.

We will help you find and implement an understandable solution to the most difficult tasks. We design and manufacture special equipment for lifting and moving cargo. We produce equipment according to drawings.

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Completed projects

We manufacture equipment taking into account the specific tasks and limitations of the Customer, we find a non-standard approach

  • Иконка с галочкой Individual projects at the request of the Customer
  • Иконка с галочкой All manufactured equipment complies with the necessary standards and regulations
  • Иконка с галочкой Qualified designers who develop technical documentation
  • Иконка с галочкой Full compliance with customer requirements, affordable price and short lead timesа
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Ramp. Smolensk NPP
Ramp. Smolensk NPP

Year of release: 2022

Customer: Smolensk NPP

Project stage: completed

Drain device for Kursk NPP
Drain device for Kursk NPP

Year of release: 2022

Customer: Kursk NPP

Project stage: completed